Citi Analysts: Bitcoin could either face “speculative implosion” or become a top currency for international trade

Citi Analysts: Bitcoin could either face "speculative implosion" or become a top currency for international trade

Bitcoin as both a medium of exchange and a currency is at a unique position in its existence. It reached a new all-time price high of almost $60,000 in February 2021 and saw its largest-ever wave of institutional support in late 2020. As such, both bitcoin investors and general crypto enthusiasts are closely watching the […]

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MicroStrategy Isn’t Done Buying Bitcoin, Now Holds $4.4 Billion In BTC

MicroStrategy Buys 295 More BTC for $10M, Now Owns 71,079 BTC Worth Over $2.4B

Microstrategy is not done stacking Bitcoin, despite being one of the most active institutional buyers in the market. The firm announced today that it had purchased an additional $15 million worth of Bitcoin. It now holds over 90,000 BTC, becoming one of the largest hodlers in the market. Microstrategy has become synonymous with institutional BTC […]

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Here’s What Analysts Are Saying About Bitcoin’s Plunge To $46,000

Bitcoin Plunges To $8,600 After Reaching $9,100 Resistance

Bitcoin’s new all-time high of $58,000 attained a week ago was short-lived as two days later, prices tumbled and Bitcoin lost more than a fifth in value before a mild correction temporarily revived the market. Bitcoin’s decline to $46k left holders panicking, mostly because there were doubts about the leading asset making its usual healthy […]

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The US Government Just Unwittingly Made The Biggest PR Move For Bitcoin

Newly passed $1.9 trillion U.S stimulus bill could finally send Bitcoin to $50,000

Bitcoin at $100,000 is a price prognosticated by pundits, courtesy of the fundamental factors that signaled the bullish rally. However, Bitcoin is receiving an external push from the same organization that steadily criticizes its credibility. The United States government in its usual fashion is helping the benchmark asset live up to analysts’ expectations with the […]

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‘Bitcoin Doesn’t Behave Like A Payment Instrument’, Says Mastercard’s Vice-Chair

'Bitcoin Doesn’t Behave Like A Payment Instrument', Mastercard's Vice-Chair Says

Mastercard may have warmed up to cryptocurrencies recently, but if you’re expecting to use your debit cards to pay for your coffee, an executive at the payments giant has bad news for you. Ann Cairns, the executive vice chair at Mastercard stated in a recent conference that Bitcoin is too volatile for the company. Mastercard […]

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