Play-to-Earn Game DeFi Land Concludes IDO As Token Goes Live On FTX And Raydium

Play-to-Earn Game DeFi Land Concludes IDO As Token Goes Live On FTX And Raydium

Play to earn game DeFi Land has completed the IDO for itsDFL token. The token sale took place on, Solanium, and Raydium, with 100 million tokens sold. Of this number which is 1% of the total supply, 0.7% were sold on Raydium, 0.1% on, and 0.2% on Solanium.

Following the IDO, DFL is to be listed on FTX and will start trading on 24th November 2021. It will also be listed on, Raydium, and Serum, just a few of the many listings to come. With DFL, players of the DeFi Land game can earn rewards similar to DeFi yield which makes it a farming game. DeFi Land’s anonymous project lead, DFL Erwin speaking on the project said: “DFL will be used to govern our game, stake, trade, and craft NFTs and more. Our community can expect various in-game use cases for our token, which will give them multiple ways of earning and learning.”

The game is structured as a simulation, with each token represented either by a flower or a plant. Players can earn real yields from their farms by cultivating different products on their virtual lands. The game will also expose them to the DeFi ecosystem and help them to get familiar with it in the process.

DeFi Land is one of the projects based on the Solana blockchain. However, the project is considering becoming a cross-chain project. The DeFi ecosystem can be scary for those entering the crypto space for the first time. This is where DeFi Land comes in, as it is a platform for newbies to have the experience of yield without actually entering the DeFi space.

To ensure new entrants into the crypto space do not lose their funds, there is a demo form of the game that they can play using fake tokens. After that, they can use their DFL tokens to play the real game. According to DeFi Land’s anonymous project lead DFL Erwin, holders of DFL also participate in the governance of the game, stake to earn additional rewards, craft in-game NFTs, and more.

The project is backed by Play-to-Earn and top Solana projects including Jump Capital, Alameda, and Animoca.

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